habla women

In Habla Women, the joys and challenges of being Latina in the U.S. are explored by women of all ages from many

habla texas

Habla Texas is an all-new look at what it’s like to be Latino in the Great State of Texas.  From cultural clashes

celebrity habla 2

Following up on the success of Celebrity Habla, in 2010 Habla talked with baseball star Bernie Williams, salsa

celebrity habla

In 2009, Habla took on a new challenge, talking with Latinos who have excelled in their fields and had tales to

habla ya

Habla goes back to New York, where it all started, to collect more adventures from the Latino diaspora. Sometimes

habla más

A soldier.  A comedian.  A grandmother.  A lowrider.  Hilarious and moving tales of a real life quinceañera, the

habla y habla

What is the largest Latino country in the world?  The U.S., one could definitely argue.  Imbued with the festive

about habla

Habla is an award-winning property on HBO Latino. Latinos from all walks of life tell their personal stories, including poets, comedians and community leaders, but also janitors, soldiers and lowriders. Habla gives a platform to real people whose stories might otherwise not be heard, reaching beyond the Latino community to build a bridge of understanding that goes in both directions.

“The Habla series has provided a safe space for U.S. Latinos to talk, where it’s okay to speak English, Spanish, or Espanglish, and where accents are welcomed and Latinos of all walks of life can share their joys, their fears and their dreams,” say Trina Bardusco and Alberto Ferreras, the directors of the special. “Every single subject has a totally different story. They talk about family, work, love, sex, beauty… they can be very funny, but also deeply moving.”

about the producers

alberto ferreras

Alberto Ferreras is a New York based writer and filmmaker. Best known for his award winning novel “B as in Beauty” and for “Habla”, a 13-part documentary series created for HBO Latino that began in 2003. It’s newest installations have been “Habla Texas” winner of an Imagen Award in 2012, and “Habla Women”, which premiered on HBO Latino in April 2013. Ferreras has directed advertising campaigns for Dish Latino, HBO, MetroPlus, Verizon Wireless, and Walgreens among others.

trina bardusco

Trina Bardusco is American-Venezuelan and a New Yorker. She’s the executive producer and casting director of the on-going series “Habla” for HBO Latino and the director of “Making Habla” and of “Habla Más en Chicago,” two parallel documentaries about Latinos living in the U.S. Trina produces three branded web series on Yahoo en español: she’s the producer and co-host of Café con Tacones, a weekly shot of news, opinion and fun featuring Latina personalities experts and celebrities in a round table discussion setting.

chrissie hines

Chrissie Hines is the Executive Producer of Habla, collaborating with Trina Bardusco and Alberto Ferreras to bring each Habla to fruition. She is also the Executive Producer, one of the co-creators, and the co-writer of the award-winning animated series of specials, El Perro Y El Gato. During her time at HBO, she has developed and produced East of Main Street, a series of specials for Asian Heritage Month, as well as being involved in many other aspects of multi-cultural programming and marketing.


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